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Hello Kawan Mastah!Mandi besar or mandi wajib is one of the important rituals for Muslim men after certain activities such as having sexual intercourse, menstruating, or recovering from an illness. It is mandatory to perform this ritual to maintain purity or taharah. In this article, we will discuss cara mandi besar pria or how men can perform mandi besar properly.1. Understanding the Importance of Mandi Besar2. The Difference between Mandi Besar and Mandi biasa3. When to Perform Mandi Besar4. Preparing Yourself before Mandi Besar5. The Intention before Mandi Besar

Step-by-Step Guide to Mandi Besar

6. Step 1: Utter the Basmalah7. Step 2: Completely remove clothes and jewelry8. Step 3: Clean private parts using water9. Step 4: Perform Wudhu10. Step 5: Pour water on your head three times11. Step 6: Pour water over your entire body12. Step 7: Clean the inside of the ear13. Step 8: Clean the nose and nostrils14. Step 9: Clean the mouth and throat15. Step 10: Wash the feet

FAQ about Cara Mandi Besar Pria

1. Can we use soap during mandi besar?

It is better to avoid using soap or shampoo during mandi besar. Just use plain water to clean your body.

2. Do we need to shave pubic hair before mandi besar?

It is not mandatory to shave pubic hair before mandi besar, but it is recommended to cut it short to ensure cleanliness.

3. Can we perform mandi besar without performing wudhu?

No, it is mandatory to perform wudhu before mandi besar.

4. Can we perform mandi besar in a shower or a bathtub?

Yes, you can perform mandi besar in a shower or a bathtub, but it is better to perform it in an open space or outdoors where you can pour water properly.

5. Can we perform mandi besar sitting down or standing up?

It is recommended to perform mandi besar standing up, but if you are unable to do so due to health issues, you can perform it sitting down.

Tips for Performing Mandi Besar Properly

16. Use water that is neither too hot nor too cold17. Make sure that you pour water on every part of your body18. Do not perform mandi besar in public areas19. Ensure privacy during mandi besar20. Perform mandi besar immediately after the specific activity that requires it.


Performing mandi besar is a mandatory ritual for Muslim men to maintain purity. It is important to understand the process and perform it properly. We hope this article about cara mandi besar pria has been helpful for you. Always remember to seek knowledge and perform your religious duties with sincerity and dedication.

Mandi Besar
A mandatory ritual for Muslim men to maintain purity
A ritual ablution performed by Muslims before prayer or other rituals
Pubic hair
The hair around the genitals

cara mandi besar pria