Cara Mengirim Barang Lewat JNE

Hello Kawan Mastah! If you’re looking for the best courier service to send your packages, you might want to consider JNE. In this article, we will guide you on how to send your packages via JNE with ease and convenience.

1. What is JNE?

JNE is a courier and logistics company based in Indonesia. They offer various services, including domestic and international delivery, warehousing, and e-commerce solutions.

Domestic Delivery Services

JNE provides domestic delivery services to almost all cities and districts in Indonesia. They offer several delivery options based on package size, weight, and urgency, including:

Regular Service
Delivery time varies between 1-7 days depending on the destination.
YES Service
Delivery within the same day for certain areas.
OKE Service
Delivery within 1-3 days with cheaper rates.

International Delivery Services

JNE also provides international delivery services to over 225 countries worldwide. They offer several options for international delivery, including:

Export Service
Delivery time varies based on the destination and shipping method.
Import Service
Delivery of imported goods from other countries to Indonesia.
Value Added Service
Additional services such as insurance and customs clearance.

2. How to Send Your Packages via JNE

Step 1: Prepare Your Package

The first step to sending your package via JNE is to prepare your package. Make sure that your package is securely wrapped and labeled with the recipient’s address and contact information.

Step 2: Choose Your Delivery Service

Choose the delivery service that suits your needs based on the package size, weight, and urgency. You can refer to the tables above for more information on JNE’s delivery services.

Step 3: Calculate the Shipping Cost

You can calculate the shipping cost of your package using JNE’s online calculator on their website. Just enter the package details and destination, and you will get an estimated cost for the delivery.

Step 4: Drop Off Your Package

You can drop off your package at any JNE office or drop box. You can also schedule a pickup from your location by contacting JNE’s customer service.

Step 5: Track Your Package

You can track the delivery status of your package on JNE’s website using the tracking number given to you upon shipping. You will be able to see the real-time status of your package and receive updates on its delivery.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact JNE customer service?

A: You can contact JNE customer service via phone or email. Their phone number is 021-2927 8888, and their email is

Q: Can I send fragile items via JNE?

A: Yes, you can send fragile items via JNE. However, you should make sure that the items are securely packed and labeled with the appropriate handling instructions.

Q: What is the maximum weight and size limit for packages sent via JNE?

A: The maximum weight limit for packages sent via JNE is 30 kg. The size limit depends on the service chosen and the destination.

Q: How long does it take for JNE to deliver a package?

A: The delivery time varies depending on the service chosen and the destination. You can refer to the tables above for more information on JNE’s delivery services.

Q: Can I insure my package sent via JNE?

A: Yes, you can insure your package for an additional fee. You can choose the insurance option when calculating the shipping cost on JNE’s website.


Sending your packages via JNE is simple and convenient. With their wide range of delivery services and excellent customer support, you can be sure that your packages will be delivered safely and on time. We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you on how to send your packages via JNE. Thank you for reading, Kawan Mastah!

Cara Mengirim Barang Lewat JNE