Cara Cepat Melupakan Seseorang: Panduan untuk Kawan Mastah

Hello Kawan Mastah, we all have experienced heartbreak and the pain of letting go someone we love. It’s never easy, but it’s a necessary step to move on and find happiness again. In this article, we will guide you on how to forget someone quickly, so you can focus on yourself and your future. Let’s get started!

What is “Cara cepat melupakan seseorang”?

Cara cepat melupakan seseorang means “How to quickly forget someone” in English. It’s a process of letting go of someone you love and moving on from the past. It’s a necessary process for your mental and emotional well-being. We will discuss some effective ways to achieve this goal.

Why is it important to forget someone quickly?

It’s important to forget someone quickly because holding onto the past can ruin your present and future. You will be stuck in a cycle of pain, regret, and guilt, which will prevent you from moving forward. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled, and you can’t do that if you’re holding onto something that’s no longer there.

Practical tips to forget someone quickly

1. Cut all contacts

The first step to forget someone quickly is to cut all contacts. This means no phone calls, texts, social media, or in-person meetings. It may seem harsh, but it’s necessary for your healing process. It will prevent you from seeing their updates, pictures, or messages, which can trigger old memories and emotions. It will also help you to create a new routine and focus on other things.

2. Focus on yourself

The second step is to focus on yourself. This means taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. You can start exercising, eating healthy, doing hobbies, or learning new skills. You can also seek therapy or support groups if you need it. The goal is to create a new identity and purpose, which will help you to move on and find happiness again.

3. Practice mindfulness

The third step is to practice mindfulness. This means being present and aware of your thoughts and emotions. You can start meditating, journaling, or practicing breathing exercises. It will help you to observe your feelings without judgment and find inner peace. It will also prevent you from ruminating on the past and create a new perspective.

4. Express your emotions

The fourth step is to express your emotions. This means acknowledging your feelings and processing them in a healthy way. You can talk to a trusted friend or family member, write a letter or a poem, or create art. It will help you to release your pain and find closure. It will also validate your emotions and prevent you from suppressing them.

5. Create new memories

The fifth step is to create new memories. This means doing something fun, exciting, or meaningful. You can travel to a new place, attend a concert, or volunteer. It will help you to create positive associations and break the negative ones. It will also show you that life goes on and there are new opportunities waiting for you.


1. How long does it take to forget someone?
It depends on various factors such as the depth of the relationship, the reasons for the breakup, the coping mechanisms, and the support system. It can take weeks, months, or even years. However, with the right mindset and actions, you can speed up the healing process.
2. Is it okay to stay friends with an ex?
It depends on the situation and the mutual agreement. If both parties are okay with it and there are no romantic feelings involved, then it’s okay. However, if one party is still in love or there is emotional manipulation, then it’s not healthy.
3. Should I date someone new to forget my ex?
It’s not advisable to use someone else as a rebound or distraction. It’s unfair to the other person and it will not solve the underlying issues. It’s better to focus on yourself and heal first before entering a new relationship.
4. Is it normal to feel guilty or angry after a breakup?
Yes, it’s normal to feel a range of emotions after a breakup. It’s a form of grief and it takes time to process. However, it’s important to express these emotions in a healthy way and not to blame yourself or the other person excessively.


Kawan Mastah, forgetting someone is not easy, but it’s possible. By following these practical tips and being patient with yourself, you can create a new future and find happiness again. Remember, you deserve to be loved and respected, and letting go of someone who doesn’t value you is a sign of strength, not weakness. You got this!

Cara Cepat Melupakan Seseorang: Panduan untuk Kawan Mastah